The 1884 Casino Building

LaGrange, Fayette County

The Casino Building was originally constructed by a German fraternal organization as a building for socializing and as a school.  Through the years it was a private school, public high school, fire station, city hall, library, and finally a senior citizens center.  All this varied use brought about many modifications and remodelings of the building eventually becoming a very different building from the original structure.

Currently under an extensive restoration to bring the building back to its original 1884 exterior and return the upstairs theater to its original size and configuration, we are providing reproduction interior and exterior doors and frames.  This work includes three exterior double door units with half-round transoms as well a new door, frame, and eyebrow transom for the second floor.  Details for these doors are taken from remains of original jambs and transom panels.  An original exterior door no longer exists so these are being reproduced from period photographs as closely as possible. 

Interior doors and jambs with transoms are being reproduced from original samples.

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