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Half Round Wood Window Sash

The G. W. Cernoch Works is a woodworking business started as a full time enterprise in l984.  It evolved from a part time operation begun in the mid 1970’s.  Over the last twenty years the focus has shifted to millwork only with the primary products being totally custom wood windows and doors as well as exterior shutters, stair parts, stairways, moldings, etc. 

A large part of both window and door work has been reproduction for historic preservation projects, maintaining historically correct details, design, and function of period woodwork.

As we are truly a “custom” woodworking shop we do not produce anything as a standard product.  Every item built in our shop is made to order and only when it is ordered.  We do not carry an inventory of windows, doors, sash or other goods.  When you place an order for a window sash, material is selected, milled, assembled, and then either picked up by the customer or shipped to them.  As such, lead time is always required.  Delivery times may vary according to the item or items ordered and our current workload.

All work is performed in a 12,800 square foot shop utilizing traditional woodworking machines, some of which are almost one hundred years old.  We have many specialty machines built exclusively for the production of wood windows, window jambs, louvers, and mortise and tenon joint construction. Take our "Tour" to view.