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Camp Mabry Window Restoration

Reproduction Window Sash

Camp 3.png

Austin, Travis County

These reproduction windows were built for the restoration of two structures at historic Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas, the 1917 barracks and a 1940's era hospital.

Building #10, One of two barracks buildings where we built new wood windows to go in former window openings which had been infilled with brick to return the exterior of the building to its original look. New windows were exact replicas of existing units and built of long leaf pine lumber, same as the originals.  We also built multiple pairs of doors to match existing original exterior doors.

Building 45, (built in 1914) was restored in 2004 to look as it did circa 1940 when it served as a base hospital.  We constructed 39 new windows for this building replicating intact originals.  New windows were built of longleaf pine to match original materials.

Shown above is a reproduction twin 2 over 2 double hung wood window with box pulley stile jamb for insertion into a solid masonry wall. Dimensions and details copied from an adjacent window of the same size. This barracks reproduction window was built with longleaf pine, as were the originals.

Also shown are part of 39 double hung, 4 over 4 windows built of long leaf sinker pine for the restoration of the base hospital. Most of the original windows had been removed in various renovations and were here recreated from available existing originals. These windows were built for frame wall construction with exterior casing attached and putty glazed with salvaged period glass.

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