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Theater Facade Restoration


Brenham, Washington County

The Simon Theater is a 1925 structure designed by noted architect Alfred C. Finn which contains retail space, a local visitors' center, ballroom, and theater.  Current restoration has been completed on the majority of the exterior including the main façade as well as the interior of the theater lobby, retail space and visitors center on the ground floor.  We built new window sash for the second floor windows as well as new storefront woodwork including recreating the transoms above the plate glass windows which had been covered over with awnings.  New exterior doors and a new lobby entrance were built as well.  

Details for replication were obtained from physical inspection including "ghosting" or shadow lines left in original paint layers and stucco, old original hardware locations, remnants of buried or partially demolished jambs and trim, bits and pieces of original doors and window sash, as well as gleaning a copy of the original plans. As shown in the photo above, the exterior corner of the theater.

View of the main street facade
Close-up of corner retail space showing storefront and transom details as well as new theater entran
Transom detail.
New theater entrance.
Transom detail.
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