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G W Cernoch Works produces both reproduction and custom wood window sash for historic homes, custom building and new period reproductions. Accurate and faithful reproduction window sash is necessary for maintaining the appearance of older buildings. Established designs combine with modern technology to replicate durable wooden window sash that performs as well as original work. 

All windows produced in our shop are built with traditional joinery that has stood the test of time, taking great care to use the best methods for strength, appearance, and durability.

Reproduction Window Sash


One-of-a-Kind Windows & Sash

Besides conventional rectangular wood windows and sash, we build windows in any round, segment head, gothic, lance top, diamond, marginal or other shape. The variety of window configurations available include single hung, double hung, triple hung, jib head double hung, in swing and out swing, casements, awing, hopper, center pivot, and fixed, including transoms and gable windows.  

We can also produce curved face windows (with curved glass), for circular rooms.

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One-of-a-Kind Wood Doors

The entrance door to your home or commercial property often makes a significant impression upon a first time visitor or new customer.  In restorations as well, the entrance you pass through says something about quality of work, attention to detail, and taste of those within.  We can heip with any custom stile and rail door you may require whether a simple closet door or a grand entry.

We build any style or size of custom wood stile and rail door with panels only, glass only, or any combination of glass and panels.  We have built doors as wide as 4', as tall as 12', and up to 3" thick.  Sticking profiles, applied moldings, panel profiles and other details can be duplicated from your samples or period designs as well as completely new designs.  We also build plank doors.

Any style of radius top or face door such as eyebrows, half round, quarter round, gothic arch, etc. can be built from scratch or duplicated from an original. Simple and fancy screen doors and louver doors are also within our range.

All of our doors are of mortise and tenon construction either blind or through mortised.  We use only quality, durable woods, adhesives, and hardware in their construction.  Doors can be furnished as doors only, doors prehung in jambs, and complete entries with transoms and sidelights.  

Please contact us for you custom door project to discuss your needs.


Commercial Storefronts

Commercial store fronts often offer a greater range and scope of wood windows and doors. Shown here are some examples of large plate windows, transoms and multi-door entrances not typically found in residential applications.


One-of-a-Kind Wood Shutters

G. W. Cernoch Works produces custom wood shutters for any exterior historic window or door application.  We build both fixed slat and rolling slat shutters with narrow (2-1/4" or less) wide slats in the traditional styles.  Shutters (or blinds as they are sometimes called) can be built in a combination of fixed and rolling slat, slat and panel, and all paneled as well.  Bermuda shutters, inside sliding shutters, and custom louver vents can also be constructed.

Our rolling slat shutters are built with the traditional wooden pivot pin milled on each end of the slat by a slat tenoning machine.  

All joinery for shutters is either blind or through mortise and tenon and edge profiles are copied from period examples circa 1880-1900.  We can also reproduce replicas of your existing shutters if that is what you need.  

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