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How To Order Your New One-Of-A-Kind Piece(s) 


Ordering Window Sash,
Doors & Millwork

Wood windows and doors have many, many variations in design, construction, and application and therefore require much accurate, concise information both to estimate and build. In many situations good photos with close dimensions can be used for estimating the price of a sash, window, or door.  However, to build a new or reproduction item requires very accurate dimensions, knowledge of the product, and familiarity with the terminology of window and door construction.  We can work from original samples or accurate drawings.  Sticking and molding details may require an actual sample of the profile to be reproduced.


Selection of Wood Species,
Hardware & Other Choices

Material offerings are so broad and varying in the building of custom windows, doors, and millwork that we cannot possibly cover all options available for their manufacture in this space. All woodwork can be produced in any species of wood.  However, there are a limited number of species suitable for durable exterior woodwork.  Use of the wrong species can greatly shorten the life of a wooden window or door (or other item) that is exposed to the weather and prove to be a waste of time and money.  We will be glad to discuss the suitability of specific woods for your application.

All hardware incorporated into our products is quality and serviceable.  There are many variables in the hardware price, quality, and durability.  We generally provide only functional hardware and on doors we do not provide latches or locks.

Weather-strip products are also a diverse category.  We will be glad to discuss the choices with you.

Feel free to contact us anytime us with questions about your project & free estimate.

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