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One-of-a-Kind Wood Shutters

G. W. Cernoch Works produces custom wood shutters for any exterior historic window or door application.  We build both fixed slat and rolling slat shutters with narrow (2-1/4" or less) wide slats in the traditional styles.  Shutters (or blinds as they are sometimes called) can be built in a combination of fixed and rolling slat, slat and panel, and all paneled as well.  Bermuda shutters, inside sliding shutters, and custom louver vents can also be constructed.

Our rolling slat shutters are built with the traditional wooden pivot pin milled on each end of the slat by a slat tenoning machine.  

All joinery for shutters is either blind or through mortise and tenon and edge profiles are copied from period examples circa 1880-1900.  We can also reproduce replicas of your existing shutters if that is what you need.  

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Historic Reproduction Shutters

Galveston | Galveston County

The George Sealy Mansion, now operated by the University of Texas Medical Branch, is probably the most photographed mansion in Galveston. It is located on the corner of Broadway and 25th streets. We built 116 exterior louver shutters for this 1889 mansion, as shown.


Assorted One-of-a-Kind Shutter Types

Here are views of several types of wood shutters in typical Texas styles that we have fabricated for various projects. As shown above, interior sliding shutter for a Victorian house. This shutter is only 1/2" thick with 1/8" thick slats. It is one of three installed to slide vertically on...

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